joanna-sims-studio-shotI work with pastels, inks and oils in the Wiltshire downland surrounding my studio overlooking the River Wylye and on the nearby Salisbury Plain. The Penwith coast in Cornwall has also drawn me in over recent years. The pastels help with putting emotional responses and ideas down quickly, and I find real relationships between the ephemeral quality of light and space in the landscape and my differing pastel techniques. Sometimes these drawings evolve into larger oils on canvas, or often stay as finished works in their own right.

Having retired after 24 years of tutoring Life Drawing and Painting for North Dorset Adult Education, I now run my own workshops at Bull Mill, as a resource for other artists and myself.

B.A. Hons. in Fine Art from Waltham Forest School of Art.


“ I have followed Joanna’s artistic journey for over twenty years and consider the work exhibited to be amongst her best.  A refined distillation of an engagement with personal subject matter.

Through contemplation of the work we begin to understand that the only constant is change.   The paintings are ‘improvised’ and there is evidence of earlier human activity depicted in the rolling landscapes.

These majestic spaces are ruggedly elemental  – the land, sea, wind and rain , with light  casting it’s transformative glance across a myriad of shape and form. Boundaries are lost and rediscovered, shapes shift and disappear and what seems permanent is only allusive.”

Michael Burnett

College Lecturer and Musician

M.A.  Chelsea School of Art

September 2021